Original Maui Art for Sale

This original artwork by Maui artist Liluushka is available for purchase as a Giclées which is an archival print on canvas (looks like the painting itself, and it's what you see hanging in galleries a lot of the times). Each piece includes free shipping to North America.

If you are interested in purchasing, send a email to dave@mauimanakai.com

Maui artist liluushka About the Artist Liluushka

Born in Quebec and starting her migration to the West Coast at the early age of 20, Liluushka has been living in the country as an painter Artist now for 22 years. Now living on Maui, she has kept painting as her primary mode of expressing her deep connection to the Earth.. Creating is so natural to her, it is like breathing and participating in this constant evolution and movement of life. Her innerscapes have been the mirror of her inner evolution, and capacity to regain the spontaneity lost from growing up in this robotic society. She started doing her landscapes again, deciding to stop working at any other jobs, and focussing her whole career on painting and expressing her love for Mother Earth. Mystical, deep, raw, wild, rich, lushious, playful, emotional, dark, joyful, magical,.. would be some of the qualities to describre Liluushka's Art.