High Speed Wireless Internet
Connectivity Available

Surf the Web while sitting by the Surf!

This could be you!

Look for the WiFi Signal labeled

"Maui Mana Kai"

Just connect to the signal labled "Maui Mana Kai", open a browser window, enter your credit card information and then surf the web, send and receive email.

Note: The WiFi Ethernet 802.11a, b, g and n standards. from the beach to the cable modem.

Now, if you are having difficulty with your computer you can get technical support, from:

Brent Dolan
Tree-Fort Computer Services

The Technical Arrangement

The high-gain antenna is located in my unit #215, which is just above the new Zack’s deli. It is pointed at the building and the lawn area. My radio on the WiFi access point is putting out .75 watts compared to most access points that put out 30 miliwatts. Many have reported getting a good signal at least on their lanai’s and some inside their rooms. I also have another antenna on the parking lot side. I've measured the signal to as far as the 3 stack of rooms and up to about the 5th floor.

However, if you are new to using WiFi you should know that the signal is in the unregulated 2.4 Ghz spectrums that have difficulty going through a steel reinforced concrete building like the Mana Kai. Microwave ovens and cordless phones can also interfere with the signal. Another major factor is the quality of the WiFi radio and antenna in your computer and the operating system you use. Many computers have very poor WiFi radios and Microsoft Window’s has a bug-infested system operating the WiFi. As a result, sometimes you can just move one foot and everything works fine.

Worst case is you can grab a cool one from Zack’s deli and plug into the power that is located there next to several shaded tables and within eyeshot of the beach!

PS. For you next trip to the Mana Kai Maui, consider renting #215 and the WiFi is FREE! See http://www.mauimanakai.com to inquire about availability.

Note: The WiFi radio signal is line of sight and has difficulty with walls. Reception is perfect on the lawn, under the trees and out to the beach. Most lanais are pretty good and some rooms get the signal inside.

A note about WiFi Security:

I, like you, have been to places and tried to connect to various WiFi hotspots because they are free! Or seem to be. But get this item from jwire the hotspot directory folks. Anybody can sit anywhere and using the WiFi radio on their laptop be an "ad-hoc" network then can appear to be a legit hotspot but they may not be.

JiWire's Guide to Wireless Security

It's easy to become blase about Wi-Fi security. Nothing bad has happened to you yet, and you've connected at open public hotspots around the globe. But the halcyon days are over. More than 20 malicious ad-hoc networks were masquerading as "free" hotspots on a regular basis at Chicago's O'Hare airport, as well as in many other airports and public spaces. Anyone signing on to one of these nets would have all their Web traffic silently captured for potential misuse. Even worse, other security holes in their computers could also allow direct infection of their hard drives or stealing of files.

Just how well are you protected against "man-in-the-middle" and other Wi-Fi hacking schemes?

Beach Office: How to Set Up! at the Mana Kai Maui

Once you have your WiFi connection on the best beach on Maui, here is some straight forward instructions on how to set up your beach office.

See video on how to set up your beach office at the Mana Kai Maui. Click here