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Instructions For Full Motion WebCam

Logon: guest1
Password: mauimanakai

Click here for full motion 15 frames per second window

and to control the pan, tilt, zoom and brightness of the camera. Limit is 30 users after which you will see a blue screen.

An Active X control will automatically download and ask you to install it. It takes a few minutes and is happening in the background. Sometimes there will be a yellow bar at the top of your browser asking your permission to install. Sometimes it hangs. If so, just close your browser and to be sure...reboot. It always works then.

Please limit your panning and zooming so folks can enjoy the view! In other words, only move the camera every 30 seconds.

Send comments and questions to
daveATmauimanakai.com (replace AT with @ and delete this text including the "()s")

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